Kemp for District Attorney

This Tuesday, November 8th, is election day! I’m grateful for your support, and I’m asking for your vote. Your vote can truly be the deciding factor to a local election. Together, we can move Polk County forward.

Welcome to Jeff Kemp for District Attorney

My name is Jeff Kemp and I am running to be the next District Attorney of Polk County.

As you already know, the position of District Attorney requires the knowledge of state, federal, and municipal law, an attention to details, and the ability to articulate that knowledge skillfully before a judge and jury, in order to effectively prosecute each case.

In addition to those important requirements, it is also important to maintain the people’s trust and faith in the judicial system we use to find justice for victims and punishment for criminals.

As your District Attorney, I will:

  • restore your faith in the District Attorney’s office.
  • seek justice with integrity.
  • focus on what counts…the people of Polk County.
  • listen, so you the people will be heard.
  • prosecute each case on its own merits.
  • uphold the law while respecting the people of Polk County.

On November 8th, please vote for Jeff Kemp for District Attorney.

Meet Jeff Kemp

Thank You Supporters!